Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Park Thirty-Five: Jug Handle

Winter is upon us. Senior portrait season is winding down, we’ve shot our last wedding for the year, and I’m finally starting to see a bit of a clearing in the amount of work that got piled up on my desk while I was driving all over California shooting parks. I can finally take a moment to get back to my own project without feeling guilty that I’m neglecting clients.

With that said, I invite you to journey back with me to the morning of July 9th, day four of my five day northern loop and just a few short days away from my son’s birthday. I was tired, sore, weary, almost creatively spent, and missing my family, but I’d stayed the night in a nice hotel and had a nice hot shower before checking out. It was the kind of gray morning that my mother loves, the kind you can expect on most mornings along the northern coast.

Jug Handle is another no pay beach. Sort of the way it should be. There were plenty of people pulling up at the same time I was. I watched the direction they headed and went the opposite. As I’ve noted before, I wanted to capture more than the obvious. That led me to some interesting trails that skirted the edges of the beach. There were tunnels through low hanging trees, a rather imposing looking homeless fellow camping out deep in the back trails that I didn’t dare photograph, and wonderful views of the small inlet that makes up Jug Handle.

Only the steady pace of my hiking kept the chill from creeping into my bones. I still don’t know how those kids were able to brave the surf but they sure seemed to have fun doing it. Watching them made me think of my own son and how many hundreds of miles I was from him. That thought of family and home would prove to be the fuel that pushed me so hard that day. If I thought I was beat at the beginning of that day, I’d find a whole other world of beat by the end of it. 

The coastal breeze whipping the grass along the cliff-side. 


  1. Que beleza de fotografias e que beleza de blog.Meus parabéns e um grande abraço;

  2. Thank you so much, Suzane. And I would return the big hug if given the chance. :)